The Abaculi Project (poems & images)

The Abaculi Project invited a dozen or so poets to each select an image from Abaculi (the visual blog) and use that image as the trigger for a new poem.

Collected here in the first issue, and distributed for free as a PDF, are ten poems by nine poets who answered the invitation, along with their notes on process and the triggering images. The poems are ordered by the publication date of the images, 1854–2010.

Without collaboration or discussion with each other, these poets made a collection in which each poem resonates, sometimes chillingly, with its companions. Serendipity of this order is always welcome.

Join me in congratulating these poets. Please read their poems and celebrate the work by sharing it widely.

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 The Abaculi Project
 Autumn 2014
 Vol 1. No. 1

 with poems by
       Steve Scafidi
       Elizabeth Cooper
       Amy Tudor
       Gregory Kimbrell
       Dana Littlepage Smith
       Tarfia Faizullah
       Catherine MacDonald
       Leslie Shiel
       Emilia Phillips

 Curated & edited by M.A. Keller
 Copyedited by Gregory Kimbrell

The Abaculi Project’s open-access status is gratis—free to read—as defined by the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition. Readers are also encouraged to distribute The Abaculi Project freely in its unaltered PDF format; individual poems, however, are restricted under copyright and may not be reproduced in print, or online, without author permission.

[ISSN 2372–3394]