Saturday, August 25, 2012

On the Law of Storms (1879)

on referring to figure p 139 it will be seen that at all places over which the right hand half of the storm passes the wind veers with the sun or from east to south or from left to right of the observer while at all places under the influence of the left hand semicircle of the storm the wind veers in the contrary direction or against the sun and this will be the case in whatever direction the storm may be travelling and in whichever way it may be rotating so that in the storms of the Indian Ocean or in storms of the southern hemisphere although rotating the contrary way to this a veering of the wind from the right to the left of the observer will equally indicate that he is at the left side of the storm and vice versa although in that hemisphere the expressions with the sun and against the sun will have their meaning reversed
James Greenwood. The Sailor's Seabook: A Rudimentary Treatise on Navigation. (London: Crosby, Lockwood, and Company, 1879).