Thursday, May 26, 2016

Before Her Highness, Surprising Feats of Agility in Goings, Turnings, Tumblings, Castings, Hops, Jumps, Leaps, Skips, Springs, Gambauds, Somersaults, Caprettings, and Flights Forward, Backward, Sideways, Downward, Upward, and with Sundry Windings, Gyrings, and Circumflections (1801)

Joseph Strutt, The Sports and Pastimes of the People of England: from the Earliest Period, Including the Rural and Domestic Recreations, May Games, Mummeries, Pageants, Processions and Pompous Spectacles Illustrated by Reproductions of Ancient Paintings in Which Are Represented Most of the Popular Diversions, A New Addition, Much Enlarged and Corrected by J. Charles Cox (London: Methuen and Company, 1801), 177.